Broadway Challenge

 1. If you could watch one play or musical for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Les Mis

 2. Who is your favorite movie star that has crossed over to the Broadway stage?

Hugh Jackman (though he was technically TV before but whatever)

 3. What play or musical has changed your life? 

Next To Normal

 4. Have you ever been disappointed in seeing a stage performance after watching the film version first? (i.e. the movie was better than the stage production)


5. What department of the theatre do you work in? (Techie, Actor, Costume, etc.)


 6. What show do you think has the best costuming?

Hmmm…I honestly couldn’t tell ya. 

 7. Favorite Tony’s speech.

Norbert Leo Butz 

 8. Favorite Tony’s performance.

Anything Goes-Sutton Foster

9. Have you been to the Tony Awards?

No =( 

10. Do you dress up for the theatre or wear casual?

Generally slacks and a nice shirt. Unless it’s like…local stuff…then I’m more casual. 

 11. Favorite character of all time?


12. Most played song on your iPod?

Nobodys Side - Chess

 13. Do you dream of being on Broadway? Why or why not?

Absolutely. Theater is my safe, happy place and I love giving people an escape. Broadway is the epitome of that. 

14. What attracted you to the world of theatre?

I don’t even know. I just kind of fell into it and never wanted to leave. 

15. DIVA OFF : Patti LuPone or Bernadette Peters?

Bernadette Peters. Far and away.

 16. Would you dress up as a broadway character for halloween? If you have, who did you dress up as?

I was Elphaba one year. Eponine another. 

 17. What’s something you’ve learned from musicals?

You better learn how to multi task!

18. Funniest stage production you’ve seen?


 19. Have you ever sat front row for a performance?

For high school shows yes…legit stuff, no. 

 20. If you could replace any show that’s currently on Broadway or West End with any show of your choice, what show would you replace and replace it with?

Once with Les Mis. Yeah it’ touring but it’s too good not to be. 

 21. Favorite musical revival.

Anything Goes! 

 22. Favorite long running show. (*see google for a complete list of the longest running shows)


23. Favorite tour/cast.

Wicked (2003) or Crazy for You (2002) with Stephanie J. Block. 

24. Try to list all the shows you’ve seen.

Hairspray, Les Mis, Wicked, Phantom, Godspell, 1776, Producers…off the top of my head.

25. Favorite onstage pair.

Kristin and Idina

26. ‘I Believe’ - Spring Awakening or The Book of Mormon?

Don’t know the shows well enough to chose. 

27. Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly?


28. Hairspray - stage performance or 2007 film version?


29. Is there a cast recording where you list to the whole thing straight through without skipping a song?

Les Mis. Wicked. Chess.

30. Who should Christine have been with - the Phantom or Raoul?

The Phantom. 

31. Do you sometimes think that the reprise is better than the original? Give an example.

Yeah, You and I (Reprise) Chess

32. Angel of Music or Music of the Night?

Music of the Night

33. John Gallagher Jr in American Idiot or Spring Awakening?

No idea

34. West Side Story - Jets vs Sharks

Hmm…Jets have better songs. So Jets

35. Which song from Wicked is more overexposed - Popular or Defying Gravity?


36. Do you find it weird or frustrating that when a musical is made into a film, they rarely use Broadway performers?

Absolutely. They’ve done actual Broadway. Let them do it justice. 

 37. Next to Normal - do you think Gabe is the villain of the show? Why or why not?

I feel like there is no real bad guy in that show. Almost all of them have a villain aspcet. His is just more…Gabe.

38. Favorite couple from RENT.


39. Are there any Broadway stars from your hometown or state?

Sierra Boggess…whoever that is…

 40. Favorite Disney movie turned into a Broadway stage production.

Little Mermaid.

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